2017 Main Event Rules

  1. Only fish registered at the Weigh Station are eligible for prizes. Registration may be done anytime while the Weigh Station is open.Only one prize per person in the first six prize categories.
  2. All fish, regardless of size or species, must be caught within Canton Lake Project boundaries.
  3. Weigh Station will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. On Sunday, the Weigh Station will be open 9 a.m. to 12 noon.
  4. All State Game and Fish laws will be observed during the Rodeo.
  5. Any potential winning fish competing in the largest fish category must be on display at the Awards Ceremony or have been donated to the sponsors for showing at the Awards Ceremony. A freezer will be provided for you to leave the fish at the Weigh Station. In addition to having their fish on display at the Awards Ceremony, we strongly urge all potential trophy winners to be present in person to receive their prizes. This is asked in order to facilitate coverage by news media present for the ceremony. All other fish need only be properly registered.
  6. In case of tie, the total poundage registered in species will determine the winner. If neither registers other fish in the species involved, total poundage of game fish registered will determine winner. If neither registers game fish, then total poundage of other fish registered will determine winner.
  7. It remains the responsibility of the angler concerned that the fish on display be pickup up immediately after the ceremony. The sponsors will dispose of all fish not claimed by their owner after the ceremony. Prizes not claimed within 30 days will revert back to Canton Lake Walleye Rodeo, Inc.
  8. Fish that has evidence of having been frozen and thawed will not be accepted for registration. Weighmaster and/or Judge’s decision will be final.
  9. All tagged fish MUST have the tag in the fish with no evidence of tampering with tag when presented at the Weigh Station. TAG CAN ONLY BE REMOVED BY WEIGHMASTER OR JUDGE. Weighmaster and/or Judge’s decision will be final.
  10. Eligibility of any fish in question will be at the discretion of the Weighmaster and/or Judge and their decision will be final.
  11. All winners may have to submit to and pass, in a CONCLUSIVE manner, a polygraph examination administered by a licensed polygraphist provided by Canton Lake Walleye Rodeo, Inc.
  12. Canton Lake Walleye Rodeo, Inc. reserves the right to add prizes or otherwise change prizes offered if its executive committee deems it necessary during the contest.
  13. Sponsors will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries.
  15. To be eligible for door prizes at the awards ceremony you must register during the Walleye Rodeo ($10 fee) and present your key tag Sunday to enter the drawing.